Most people who start a blog will probably promise to post every week, and in the beginning will start strong then fade off. Since I am probably also this person I will not promise anything except to be real when I do write. 

First off thanks for tuning in. I guess it is like a radio station you are tuning into as you might catch some signals I am sending. Be warned that I am not a writer so my sentences can be short and rather simple in verbage. Writing is not a strong suit of mine but I feel like this would be a good outlet to be open. Being in a creative field has interesting challenges that I don’t think everyone will quite understand until they are in that position (if they ever are). On top of being in a creative field, being a freelancer has a whole other set of challenges that come with it. Like most creatives I struggle with feeling confident in what I am doing and the constant feeling of not quite feeling like I am great at something. I guess we take this personal. Art is so personal and everyone has an opinion.

The consumption of content in todays world is insane. Scrolling rapidly through Instagram ingesting content like a competitive eater, not tasting the food but just going for amount. Will definitely plan on making posts about life as a freelancer, but I will also share from my travels as I love to recommend places that I have found while exploring. Sharing experiences is one of my favorite things which is what I believe drew me to photography in the first place.


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by a non Writer