Podcasts and Learning on the go

A couple years ago when I was still in Atlanta, I had to spend at least two hours in the car everyday to get to shoots around the city. Traffic in Atlanta is notoriously bad. A drive that should only take 20 minutes will take an hour because of so many people on the road at the same time. It is extremely frustrating to have people cutting you off and I guess just the general feeling that the life is being sucked out of you while you sit. I would often listen to a lot of music on Spotify and discover new music but that can get old after a while. I finally realized just how great podcasts where for listening on the go. I could actually learn something, listen to people discuss/debate topics of interest, and expand my world view. Yes I know about radio shows and audiobooks (which I only recently started getting into), but podcasts were a great on demand way to learn. I started to plan out my commute by downloading what I would listen to and try to really listen and avoid the noise of the drive. It was fascinating how it changed my outlook on the day with a refreshing start in the car. I started off with listening to fitness and health related podcasts with industry experts as I enjoy Crossfit and training in general. Now my commutes are much shorter as I can get anywhere in the city in around 20 minutes but it is great to have podcasts to enjoy. I often will play them while washing dishes/cleaning or taking the dog out. Really great to listen to when doing monotonous tasks. Here are a few of the ones that I am currently listening to.

Chase Jarvis Live

Photographer and creator of CreativeLive -an online creative learning platform. In his podcast he interview and talks with creatives in a variety of fields.

How I Built This

How I Built This with Guy Raz interviews entrepreneurs and tells their story. It feels very produced in that its like the cliff notes/shorter version of the stories and people seem to be a little less casual, but a great podcast.

School of Greatness

Lewis interviews everyone from athletes to millionaires etc. It’s an inspirational podcast so it can be a bit overly done in the motivational side but still a good listen with some great minds.

Viewfinders with Nick Fancher

Nick Fancher is one of my favorite photographers and he recently started this podcast. He has done a couple interviews and each photographer he has interviewed has been in a different field with a very different story.

Lead Singer Syndrome

I have only heard a couple episodes of this but I enjoy hearing interviews with vocalists of some of my favorite bands.