Podcasts and Learning on the go

A couple years ago when I was still in Atlanta, I had to spend at least two hours in the car everyday to get to shoots around the city. Traffic in Atlanta is notoriously bad. A drive that should only take 20 minutes will take an hour because of so many people on the road at the same time. It is extremely frustrating to have people cutting you off and I guess just the general feeling that the life is being sucked out of you while you sit. I would often listen to a lot of music on Spotify and discover new music but that can get old after a while. I finally realized just how great podcasts where for listening on the go. I could actually learn something, listen to people discuss/debate topics of interest, and expand my world view. Yes I know about radio shows and audiobooks (which I only recently started getting into), but podcasts were a great on demand way to learn. I started to plan out my commute by downloading what I would listen to and try to really listen and avoid the noise of the drive. It was fascinating how it changed my outlook on the day with a refreshing start in the car. I started off with listening to fitness and health related podcasts with industry experts as I enjoy Crossfit and training in general. Now my commutes are much shorter as I can get anywhere in the city in around 20 minutes but it is great to have podcasts to enjoy. I often will play them while washing dishes/cleaning or taking the dog out. Really great to listen to when doing monotonous tasks. Here are a few of the ones that I am currently listening to.

Chase Jarvis Live

Photographer and creator of CreativeLive -an online creative learning platform. In his podcast he interview and talks with creatives in a variety of fields.

How I Built This

How I Built This with Guy Raz interviews entrepreneurs and tells their story. It feels very produced in that its like the cliff notes/shorter version of the stories and people seem to be a little less casual, but a great podcast.

School of Greatness

Lewis interviews everyone from athletes to millionaires etc. It’s an inspirational podcast so it can be a bit overly done in the motivational side but still a good listen with some great minds.

Viewfinders with Nick Fancher

Nick Fancher is one of my favorite photographers and he recently started this podcast. He has done a couple interviews and each photographer he has interviewed has been in a different field with a very different story.

Lead Singer Syndrome

I have only heard a couple episodes of this but I enjoy hearing interviews with vocalists of some of my favorite bands.

Consuming or Contributing

How are we involved with social media? Particularly Instagram. From a photographer perspective- Are we part of the community engaging with other creatives? Or are we rapidly consuming content like a never ending game of Pacman?

I have found myself getting lost in a sea of never ending scrolling. Maybe it is FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), or maybe its just such a visual space and I am a visual person. Either way it is awfully addictive. Its so easy to be standing on a tram en route somewhere and swiping my phone through the infinity visual stream.

One day I realized I am not really contributing, or engaging in anything. I am strictly consuming. Rather than being a place to connect, display work, reach potential clients, or just share with friends, I was only consuming. I had hardly posted at all for the whole year. What’s the point of taking photos if I am not sharing them? They just become stored on a hard drive or delivered to a client and never shown.

Consuming so much also causes you to compare so much to other people and what they are doing. “This person has such a luxurious life traveling around and getting paid to take photos in epic places.” From a photographer perspective- “Wow they are doing some amazing projects that I won’t be able to ever do.” It’s so easy to get caught in this trap of lies we tell ourselves. Really we are all on our own paths and are at different places. I constantly have to remind myself of this. ALL THE TIME. This year I plan on limiting my time consuming and stop lying to myself about what my limitations are. I am only going to allow myself to sit at the table of social media if I plan on contributing to the feast as well.


Most people who start a blog will probably promise to post every week, and in the beginning will start strong then fade off. Since I am probably also this person I will not promise anything except to be real when I do write. 

First off thanks for tuning in. I guess it is like a radio station you are tuning into as you might catch some signals I am sending. Be warned that I am not a writer so my sentences can be short and rather simple in verbage. Writing is not a strong suit of mine but I feel like this would be a good outlet to be open. Being in a creative field has interesting challenges that I don’t think everyone will quite understand until they are in that position (if they ever are). On top of being in a creative field, being a freelancer has a whole other set of challenges that come with it. Like most creatives I struggle with feeling confident in what I am doing and the constant feeling of not quite feeling like I am great at something. I guess we take this personal. Art is so personal and everyone has an opinion.

The consumption of content in todays world is insane. Scrolling rapidly through Instagram ingesting content like a competitive eater, not tasting the food but just going for amount. Will definitely plan on making posts about life as a freelancer, but I will also share from my travels as I love to recommend places that I have found while exploring. Sharing experiences is one of my favorite things which is what I believe drew me to photography in the first place.


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